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“There are 2 great days in a persons life. The day we are born and the day we discover WHY.”

-Mark Twain

My parents passed away when I was 10 years old. And though the memories I do have of them I will always cherish, there’s not much more from them left behind for me to understand. I wish I had more videos, pictures, audio, or letters from them. I wish I could talk to them. I wish they could talk to me directly. What I always find interesting are the stories of family and friends of my parents. How proud they would be or what they would be like now.

My daughter won’t have to go imagine what her father was like. I will teach her everything I know. I’ll tell her stories of how I got to this point. I’ll have conversations with friends, family and other entrepreneurs. I will share my journey of growth, success, and failures. I will always be around even when I’m gone. Through pictures, videos, audio, and writing – this is a father’s tribune to his daughter.

The Art of Why – Robert Ivan Santos

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