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“Average people become average people because of average behavior.” — Trevor Moawad

Be. Do. Have.
A top magazine entrepreneur gave a speech at ToastMasters. He was a High school fuck up, struggling to pass, and was about to get kicked out. If you can do it wrong, that’s exactly what he was doing. In the 1980’s there was a test called the SAT, with math and verbal accumulating to 800 points each. He promised his mom he would take the test and expects nothing – but does it for his mom. He takes the test in May, gets the results in June. He scored a whopping 1480 out of 1600! His Mom asked, “Did you cheat? You must have cheated.” This was not in alignment who he was. He said he tried to cheat, but the spacing of chairs were too far, number 2 pencil too small to see the markings. He couldn’t cheat. “All I know is I took the test.”
From then on, he was weaponized to be smart. He goes to class and doesn’t hang out with the same people. Teacher’s see the difference. He goes to a 4 year college, then goes on to an Ivy League school. Becomes one of the most successful magazine entrepreneurs in the world. The story could be that Had gifts, but he never unlocked them until the SAT…

…12 years later, he received a letter from Princeton in New Jersey. Doesn’t think much about it, but one day he opens it. The SAT board periodically reviews their test taking procedures and policies. He was 1/13 people sent the wrong SAT score. His actual score was 740/1600.

“People want to say it’s the 1480 that changed my life, but acting like a 1480 changed my life. And what does a 1480 do? They go to class.”

Thoughts Become Things.
Whether it’s the Law of Attraction, Quantum Physics, Matter, or Energy, how you think and behave has a major effect on your trajectory. Fundamentals of thinking teaches us that our thoughts Influence us as a voice in our heads at about 800 words a minute. But you can only sustain 1 thought at a time. When you can concentrate on your mind, it might as well be on creating positive behavior. Scientifically, when you think a thought everything gets blocked out.

9/10 the voice in your head is stronger than that of outside influence, but if you do listen to the outside world, opinions, people projecting their disbelief onto you, you inherit that type of influence.

When you say something positive out loud, it is 10x more powerful than when we think about it. Negative comments multiples x 7, and can be more powerful than positive – increases probability 70 times.

-Christine Quarap Harvard Business Review


“I’m having another one of those days.”

“When it rains, it pours.”

Negative Thought Stories:
Russel Wilson – “You’re 5’10, you should be a mailman, you should play shortstop.” The highest paid NFL football player in history, one of the greatest neutral thinkers. Puts others in time out if they are bringing negative energy in his space.
Bill Buckner, Legendary Boston Red Sox Baseball Player has a famous blooper in the 1986 World Series where the ball goes through his legs, the Mets score, and eventually end up winning the series. In An interview 12 days before world series, he says, “I don’t want to be the guy that let’s the game winning score be off a ground ball through my legs.”
A man locks himself inside of a refrigerated box in Russia – panicking, he writes “I’m freezing to death, I can’t breath.” Autopsy revealed the fridge was only set to 56 degrees, there was no physical reason for death.
Korean War 1950-1953 had the highest rate of POW fatalities – a psychosclerosis phenomenon called, “giveupitis”, had American Soldiers filled up with negativity, lies, and propaganda about our country being bombed – all good information was withheld from them. Healthy American soldiers would walk into a corner, sit down and die from broken hearts.

Behavior Based Thinking
Positive thinking is based on an outcome like winning. Behavior based thinking is based on action. Behavior based thinking accepts the past, good or bad and starts at neutral. Being neutral is a non judgemental behavior based thinking. The future has not happened yet, but what we do next is what matters the most. We have the control to influence what happens next.

Positive Thinking vs Behavior Based Thinking:
Tom Brady – When mic’d up, you can hear him think behavior based thoughts. We’re gonna get the ball, how about we start fighting, let’s start competing, how about we hit these guys harder? How about we start playing with some heart? Let’s get the next 10 yards. Start thinking about the behavior that changes the outcome. You might not win, but you change the trajectory.
Michael Johnson – Was asked his thoughts on Goals and goal setting- talking to major athletes and professionals about SMART goals – “Have you ever been to safeway? You ever go into safeway without a list? How does that work for you? It’s a mess because you don’t know what you’re looking for. If I write things down to be successful in safeway, I’m going to do it for my career.” In the biggest moment in his career, with 3 billion people watching on TV, 100,000 people in the audience, wearing his gold shoes, Michael Johnson wrote down 4 simple neutral based behaviors.

  1. Head Down
  2. Pump my Arms
  3. Explode
  4. I’m a Bullet

    He didn’t write down an outcome like “I’m going to run a 19.3” He went on to win the gold medal.

Law of Substitution – If I think about what I should do next, my mind will move there, if my mind moves there, my behaviors will follow. If I wait to feel like it, I may never do it.

IF vs I
“If I do this…”
“I’m going to save some money if I can save some money. “
“If I have some time, then I’ll figure out how to pay down my debt.”
“If I wake up early to contact creditors first thing in the morning, then I’ll get to it then.”

“If” gives you the opportunity to say fuck this, or not even try.

“I” influences action to say that I AM doing this.

“I Am…”

“I am setting aside 20% of my net income for future investments such as…”

“I am snowballing my debt with the highest amounts first.”

“I am going to wake at 5am and add the creditors contact in my phone so that all I have to do is press the button to make the phone call.”

Marginal Gains
Our goal is to take one step forward. Not to become rich overnight, not to make shortcuts, and not to make the same mistakes. Because if you did it yesterday, you own that.

“If you are what you do, then when you don’t, then you aren’t.” –Dr. Wayne Dyer

If you did it before, don’t do it again and you’ll be something different. That simple.


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