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What sounds cooler? Gratitude or Winning Streaks? Winning Streaks are the remixed version of appreciation rampage, otherwise known as gratitude. I had just finished listening to Short Story Long with Drama and Charlie and wanted to share my thoughts on their 10 Minute Monday segment. Here are 4 ways to start your winning streak:


The reticular activating system is a short, pencil-sized piece of the brain located just above where the spinal cord is attached to the brain. It acts as the gatekeeper of information between most sensory systems and the conscious mind. Have you ever thought of a white Tesla and all you see that day are white Teslas? Now that I’m mentioning a white Tesla, I guarantee that you notice them more than you would have before. This is because of you RAS. Because of this, we can start training our mind to start looking for things to find. This includes Wins. The more wins we acknowledge, the more wins we’re able to see and achieve. It’s all in your RAS.

Start With a Win

Starting your day with a win is the most important part of your winning streak. Without starting with a win, there would be no streak at all. This includes the little things. Did you have coffee this morning? That’s a win. Did you get a ticket while driving? No? That’s a win. Did you get a great parking spot today? Another win. Once we start looking for wins, as we do for white Teslas, we start winning more often.

Science vs the Law

It might sound silly to be appreciative of so many small things. But is it? Everyone goes through challenges and problems. We go through things that make us feel we’re not good enough. There are hurdles that just bring us down. So simply being appreciative and searching for wins allows for science to kick in. Think of frequencies and vibrations. In Quantum Physics, we are all waves and connected to everything. When listening to the music, notice how slow jams make you feel one way and uptempo hip hop can make you feel another? It is the same idea with our perspective. The Law of Attraction specifically states it is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life. Choose wisely.

Stay Tuned

Tune up your heart. Watch motivational Youtube videos, read inspirational messages, do something kind. Ready yourself for the wins that are already in front of you and those that are currently on their way. Winner’s keep winning and it’s because they are in tune with winning before they even start. Staying in tune also blocks negativity and acts as a repellent so if negativity does make it’s way into your circle, it doesn’t last long. Above is a video that Charlie Rocket listens to in order to tune up. It’s a video of a high school football team tuning up and preparing to win a football game. They’ve already envisioned the win, so the game was won. It also was turned into one of the most viewed videos as an NFL Playoff commercial in 2019.

“If You Woke Up This Morning, You’re Winning.” -2 Chainz

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