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For years I’ve been struggling with identifying exactly who I am in my career and business. It might have been from embarrassment of previous failures in business. It may be from stereotypical labels in the traditional medical field. It may be both. Some of it comes from the juggling of multiple hats in my life. With a day job with plenty of overtime, newly enrolled student for my bachelors degree, 2 year business owner in digital media, new partnerships is medical, wellness, and insurance businesses, and full time first time father and husband – It’s hard to really say or explain what I do. These are all opportunities that I am thankful for and have chosen to attract in my life, but from stressful shifts, insightful written papers due, profit and loss reviewing, tax season, building and collaborating – it can also be overwhelming. What helped me bring it all together is really what this blog is all about. The Art of Why. My main objective in life is to be the parent to my daughter that I never had growing up. My baby girl won’t care how many jobs I had, whether I was a 9-5er or a serial entrepreneur. Aaliyah will know that my intentions were and always will be to leave a legacy behind that she can share with the next generation. That clarity gives me the confidence to proudly project who I am. Now, I can proudly say that I am a Registered Nurse by trade, Care Manager by experience, and Entrepreneur by choice.

Just recently, in a conversation with one of my best friends Marv, we decided to label ourselves present and future. I’ve finally created an elevator pitch that can evolve as I grow. A personal elevator conversation can lead to strong connections, expose what you’re looking for, plans for the future, or stand out. They should be kept under 30 seconds, relevant and be spoken with confidence without sounding arrogant. You can start general and then get into any specifics. Be authentic to who you are. Focus on the problems you would like to solve and if you have numbers, share them. End with what you’re looking for.

Here is my first attempt at an elevator pitch:

I am an RNtrepreneur. I manage hospitals and skilled nursing facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County and focus on health, care, and growth. My unfair advantage is in case management skills paired with my passion for digital development. I have a career and business in healthcare management, marketing, and consulting, wellness products, and digital solutions. My ultimate goal is to build these things that will outlive me.

Would you be interested in building a legacy? #ArtofWhy


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