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Robin Pierre

The Ruling Twenty Mastermind Group had a special guest speaker this week, Quc. His family came from a difficult journey as refugees in Cambodia through Thailand and finally made their way to America. Quc grew up poor, but watched his parents hustle hard and work different jobs until eventually opening up their own businesses. At a young age, Quc “quickly” found inspiration and motivation in his families success. He now owns multiple WIC locations, is in the process of creating supplement products to funnel through his stores, and is in a high level mastermind group consisting of Ed Mylett and Andy Frisella as core leaders. Quc went from being kicked out of community college and teachers saying that “School is not for him,” to a successful entrepreneur with new goals of giving back to the community. Here are 7 keys from Quc:

1.Know Your Numbers

Quc almost reached bankruptcy during his career. Hitting rock bottom allowed him to dial in on what mistakes he was making. He took complete ownership by looking at his numbers and understanding his profits. He let go of his new G-Wagon and house to sacrifice the ego and materialism, and deeply understood his relationship with money itself. He once saved thousands simply by crunching numbers. He benefited individually and allowed his business to grow at a healthy pace. It was difficult letting go of employees and cutting costs, but it is necessary when running a successful business. Number’s don’t lie.

2. Measure Success

“It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile. Winning is winning.” -Vin Diesel. Quc says, “Success shouldn’t only be measured by yards. Centimeters and inches count too.” He had been involved in a ton of setbacks, challenges, and even lawsuits. To the point of even feeling like a failure and wanting to give up. An audit of self, true grit, and appreciation for the small wins is what got him through. Little things lead to big things. You’re on a winning streak.

3. Change Your Habits

“Doing the same thing every day will get you the same results.” In 2004, Quc was getting to work at 11am, and self proclaimed “lazy.” He knew something was off because he wasn’t getting the results he wanted. He started waking up at 5am, going to the gym, changing up his routine. He was much more effective. He started reading self improvement and business books, he started meditating. He worked on his mind, body and soul to change up a few habits and hasn’t looked back since. There are times when he gets lazy, but the foundation he’s set by changing his habits have allowed him to take drastic strides towards success.

4. Change Your Environment

Partying and time wasting was a part of Quc’s lifestyle. He had to cut these vices out of his life in order to answer an important question: What Matters to Me Most? Quc took the time to truly audit himself, creating core values and principles that he stands by to this day.

5. Company Culture

In order to develop a workplace with core values, Quc asked his employees to contribute to the process. This provided a place of leadership and ownership of actions. He even once turned down a deal that would have brought in a big retainer per month because it didn’t fit the companies core values. One of the main core values is to treat everyone with respect. His employees respect him for leading by example and take accountability to live up to the standards of the business.

6. Clarity

Know what you want. Almost bankrupt, Quc made a conscious decision that every next move had to be based on goals that he wanted to accomplish. He focused on a manageable number of stores, invested in himself by joining an elite mastermind, and is now in the process of creating new products while still running multiple locations. Creating over the top goals allow to strive for even greater things than capable. This allows us to enjoy the journey more than the destination.

7. Art of Why

Quc is motivated by building businesses just as his parents did. He watched them work hard to build stores and successfully sell them while going through very tough times. He knows where he comes from and doesn’t take it for granted. He trusts his journey and his competitive nature guides him to fulfill his purpose.

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